SB Homestay families

Santa Barbara is a small community. Our network of families are all local and have shown an interest in hosting international students in their homes. To accept a family into our program: we conduct a visit in their home, call references on their applications, require criminal background checks on all adults over 18 years. Most importantly, we require a genuine interest in opening up their homes and lives to our international students.

Every family is different: we have couples with children, couples without children young and older, single people, and single parents. CA is a very diverse state with many people from places around the world, so some our families often speak several languages although we require families to primarily speak English at home.

Some of our families have been hosting for many years and some of our families are new to hosting international students. Our staff are available to each family and each student for any issues and questions. We value each local family for opening up their homes and we value each of our students for being interested in sharing their lives with an American family.